From The President

I, Paula Smith, President, CEO & Former Educator am committed to Making A Difference for all school employees across America by teaching them the basic principles of saving money to build greater security at retirement. I founded ValuTeachers with a mission to provide education to school employees on one principal “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself” –John Dewey. I believe the very best and most qualified professionals to accomplish the ValuTeachers mission and help reclaim America’s educational system are educators themselves. Consequently, ValuTeachers is a team of teacher retirement specialists that provide education information about 403(b)/457/IRA/retirement supplements to over 5,000 school systems in our country. The ValuTeachers retirement specialists are composed of retired teachers, educators, coaches, school administrators and all professionals who have had previous connections to the educational systems in our country. ValuTeachers retirement specialists not only provide education, but also ongoing service to individual clients and to school systems about retirement planning. The leaders in ValuTeachers are disturbed by the lack of information school employees receive about their retirement options. ValuTeachers does not support limited access and limited choices for retirement options and savings plans for school employees. In fact, ValuTeachers honors the free enterprise system of America and believes in the democratic philosophy that founded our country, where choice is guaranteed. All school employees should have the opportunity to be educated about their retirement plans and should have unlimited choices for saving money.

ValuTeachers is a company of teachers helping teachers and is making a difference that will allow its 100,000 clients (and growing) to retire with dignity.

Paula Smith 
President and Former Educator

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