Our Mission

The core mission of ValuTeachers is to help educators and school employees retire with financial dignity and to help have more secure income at retirement!

ValuTeachers supports and values all school employees. Our representatives are trained as retirement specialists and believe that working, teaching and inspiring builds tomorrow’s leaders. Consequently, after completing a difficult and dedicated career, a sound retirement should be a reward for all school employees. ValuTeachers believes Knowledge is Power. First and foremost, we educate all school employees about their State Teacher Retirement System (STRS) benefits.ValuTeachers helps thousands of clients yearly start a retirement supplement through a 403(b), 457, and/or a Roth IRA.

ValuTeachers educates our clients and protects our clients’ money by putting safety first every time. Not one client has ever lost a penny due to market fluctuations!

The Retirement Revolution