Our Unique Story

Few people achieve their goals overnight.

Like you, I prepared to build a career in education. I taught for 21 years at the college level and absolutely loved it! But, as a single parent, I struggled financially every day. We lived paycheck to paycheck on my teacher’s salary and never realized our financial goals. Like other teachers, I was forced to work part-time jobs to supplement my income and, sadly, moonlighting became a way of life. A second job was always stressful and demanding, and sometimes professionally embarrassing. Paying off debt, saving for retirement, and funding college savings for children and grandchildren are still impossible to achieve on a teacher’s salary. Financial insecurity caused me to leave a profession I loved.

Today, however, I have achieved total financial independence by taking a risk and starting a company that is committed to helping all school employees retire with financial dignity and realize more security in retirement. Ironically, I am still teaching; however, a different curriculum. Retirement Education is critical, and I love it. We hire educators from all over the country to educate employees about their state retirement systems and qualified retirement supplements.

I am committed to helping you and other educators reach your goals and dreams through our part-time or full-time business opportunity, ValuTeachers, by providing colleagues valuable retirement education.

The Retirement Revolution