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At ValuTeachers you have a support system and superior training. You’re in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself. It is the perfect way to be in business with no risk. ValuTeachers will do everything until you are a certified Retirement Specialist.

Our retirement specialists join ValuTeachers because they want to change the direction of their lives. Do you dream of forging a new path—one that you choose? At ValuTeachers, you control the pace, and that means you control your final destination. ValuTeachers will show you how to accomplish your Path to Greatness and fulfill your dreams. If you follow it, and are coachable, the ValuTeachers system will provide you the pathway to take you where you want to go.

To become a retirement specialist you must complete an online application and pay an application/ contracting fee of $50 using your Visa or MasterCard (American Express and Discover not accepted).  This fee entitles you to our online training resources, a ValuTeachers email address, our client data management system, monthly newsletter, as well as covering our administrative expenses to activate you in ValuTeachers.  Because this fee is a contracting fee, there is no refund. 

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